Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Avocado Egg Stacks

Sometimes it's hard to cook when you're sad. For me, cooking is an artistic outlet. It's a chance to explore new ingredients, techniques, and flavor combinations. And it's hard to do that when someone you love has died and there's a big hole in your life. It's less fun to create, and it's often less fun to taste.

I discovered this recipe shortly before Charles died, and this proved to be a great go-to meal that week when he was in hospice and died. I think I made these Avocado Egg Stacks six times in the span of a week and a half to two weeks. It's a pretty balanced meal--complete with whole grains, protein, healthy fat, fruit (isn't avocado technically a fruit?), and veggies if you count the salsa. It's filling. It's tasty. And it comes together very quickly and easily. This was a good meal to throw together when I didn't want to think too hard or spend forever cleaning up my kitchen. And it was good in that I knew it would taste good with very little effort, but it's simple enough that I didn't care if it ended up tasting blah because I felt blah.

The full recipe is on A Couple Cooks, but here's the basic gist: toast an English muffin; add sliced or mashed avocado, salt, and paprika or chipotle seasoning; top with a fried egg and salsa; eat. I've made it with and without salsa, and actually like it a little better without. I used paprika every time since I don't yet own any chipotle seasoning. And I typically used half an avocado rather than a whole one.


  1. So so sorry for your sadness. Yes, grief does cause food to matter less and be less fun. That will change... eventually. I remember my mom got pretty worried about how skinny I got after Dad passed away. I just didn't care about food anymore.
    I'm truly sorry for your pain and think of you often. This is a hard season to go through, but please know we're here for you if you need anything.
    On a happier note, this recipe looks wonderful! Yes, avocado is a fruit and probably most of the stuff in the salsa too. (Anything with a seed is a fruit- sorry, married to a botanist)
    Thanks for continuing to share your food and your struggles.
    Love you! Hugs!

    1. Thank you, Amber. I really appreciate your friendship.
      Oh yeah, I KNEW that tomatoes are fruit, too, but forgot that.